Audax Italiano, a role model in performance analysis in South America

Discover how Audax Italiano, a football club with a rich history and a commitment to innovation, leveraged advanced Hudl solutions to revolutionize its high-performance analytics workflow as it transformed its gaming methodology within Hudl Sportscode, placing his entire tactical philosophy within the code window.

Soccer is a passion that unites millions of people around the world, and although skill on the field is the protagonist, the science behind each pass and each tactical strategy cannot be overlooked. Audax Italiano, a Chilean football club with a rich history and a constant commitment to innovation, has proven to be a true role model when it comes to performance analysis.

Innovation from the heart of Chile

The Audax Italiano club, founded in 1910, has long been a constant participant in the Chilean Primera División. Their passion and commitment are evident both on and off the field, but what truly sets Audax Italiano apart is their unwavering commitment to innovation and high performance.

Marcelo Raya, Methodological Coordinator of the club, guides us through his exciting journey towards cutting-edge performance analysis. The club has focused on the development of a solid and complete playing methodology, and has found in Hudl an exceptional ally to achieve this.

The Methodological Philosophy of Audax Italiano

Within the Audax Italiano methodology four well-defined areas can be identified:

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Rival Analysis Area

As a team that seeks excellence, Audax Italiano undergoes a thorough analysis of its competitors in the Chilean league. This analysis is crucial to understand your own behavior in the competitive ecosystem and adapt accordingly.


Own Analysis Area

Constant self-assessment is essential. The club uses Hudl to analyze its own performance, allowing for accurate identification of strengths and weaknesses.


Individual Development Area

The focus is not limited to the team as a whole. Each player receives individualized attention to reach their maximum potential.


Methodological Content Generation Area

Content generation is vital to all interactions with players and coaching staff. Fluid communication and collaboration are essential.

The Impact of Performance Analysis

Audax Italiano's innovative approach to performance analysis has had a clear impact on the team's tactical and strategic decision making. The availability of accurate and up-to-date data has revolutionized the way coaching staffs and players approach the game. Decision-making processes are based on concrete facts supported by analysis.

When asked if this methodology has facilitated tactical and strategic decision making in the team, Marcelo responds that "As a club we always try to do a very thorough and consistent analysis of what is happening in the Chilean league and what our behavior is like in that ecosystem. competitive, both individually and collectively. Therefore, we have a lot of updated information that we put at the service of the coaching staff and the players, through different interventions on a day-to-day basis. In that sense, we give great importance to generating trust and to have spaces for dialogue that are of quality and where all people feel heard. We constantly seek to generate a collaborative atmosphere and we believe that this allows us to make better tactical and strategic decisions.

Paco, as everyone in the club calls him, also talks about the challenges they had when implementing this methodology and how they overcame them: "In this sense, I believe that the main challenges are permanent, due to the dynamics of the activity, and they go in two dimensions. : on the one hand the technical dimension, whose main challenges are to improve the observation of the game as an organization, achieve a common language and have better football conversations every day. On the other hand, the human dimension, whose efforts are focused on generating an environment collaborative, with the ability to learn and listen and above all things generate trust among the people in the organization."

The combination of detailed data with cutting-edge technology has greatly expanded the possibilities for methodological growth for the club. In a world where high performance is essential in modern football, Audax Italiano stands out as a role model.

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We do not know the reality of other clubs in depth enough to say if there is something that differentiates us. What we can say is that we use the Hudl ecosystem to the best of our ability for both individual and collective improvement. In that sense, Hudl has greatly expanded our possibilities for methodological growth.
Marcelo "Paco" Raya, Methodological Coordinator of Audax Italiano

Performance analysis is not simply a tool, it is a philosophy that can make a difference in the field. Audax Italiano proves that a passion for innovation and constant improvement can drive success in football. In a sport that combines science and emotion, this Chilean club has shown that it is ready to lead the way to a new level of excellence. Their success story continues to be written, and the next page promises to be even more exciting.

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