Hudl Pro Suite Goes Live across Belgian Soccer

Hudl, RBFA and the Pro League recent­ly announced a world first agree­ment to pro­vide a con­nect­ed solu­tion that pow­ers analy­sis between leagues, clubs and the nation­al team.

As part of a unique deal, cam­era tech­nol­o­gy will be installed in all 23 sta­di­ums across Belgium’s top two divi­sions to pro­vide a wide-angle view of match­es, in con­trast to the restrict­ed view that tele­vi­sion footage once pro­vid­ed ana­lysts in Belgium.

Additionally, soft­ware enabling live match analy­sis will be deliv­ered along­side an inno­v­a­tive video exchange — a cen­tralised hub where all match­es through­out Belgium will be avail­able to access.

Belgium National Team Manager and Technical Director of the RBFA Roberto Martinez explains the val­ue of the part­ner­ship to Belgian soccer.

“It’s essen­tial, for an ana­lyst, for a coach, for a team, for a play­er, to access the lat­est tech­nol­o­gy,” said Martinez.​ “It allows you to be at the fore­front of being part of a high-per­for­mance environment.”

For RBFA Head of Performance Analysis and Innovation Luke Benstead, a key strength of this part­ner­ship with Hudl is how it affects foot­ball across the fed­er­a­tion as a whole.

“The best part about this part­ner­ship with Hudl is that it con­tacts all areas of foot­ball with­in Belgium,” said Benstead.​“ So it’s not just men’s foot­ball in the Pro League, but also women’s foot­ball and acad­e­my foot­ball and ama­teur football.”

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